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SilQ Equalizer is a sophisticated, high quality 32 band stereo equalizer supporting a great variety of audio inputs (including built-in microphone or hardware) as well as acting as an effect app through IAA and Audiobus.

You can also use SilQ Equalizer to improve the sound of you own Music Library!

Use SilQ Equalizer to get the feel you want from your track or mix and hit the 'RECORD' button to save the sound that you hear for later use.

Maybe you need an easy-to-use equalizer in your live setup?

The audible frequency spectre is divided into bands with 8 right/left sliders on each view. All center frequencies can be adjusted +/- 20dB.

  • Key Features

  • - Integrated Music Library Player ***
  • - Stereo Level Monitoring (Input/Output)
  • - 64 sliders to adjust gain in stereo
  • - Ajust gain +/- 20dB on each center frequency
  • - Multitouch to move several sliders at the same time
  • - Fast bypass mode for listening and comparing
  • - Auto mute to avoid feedback
  • - Auto bypassing of unused faders
  • - 4 main frequency bands (Bass/Low Mid/Upper Mid/Treble)
  • - Direct access to mask out and listen to each band
  • - A collection of factory presets ready to use for further tweaks
  • - Save & update you own presets for later use
  • - Audio recording
  • - Open your recordings in AudioShare
  • - Audiobus and IAA support
  • - IAA switch- and transport panel

  • *** Copy protected audio is not possible to play inside SilQ. Also, the Music Library Player is disabled when interacting with other apps through IAA or Audiobus

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Press kit

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If you want to share something about SilQ Equalizer you might need some material such as a press release, screenshots and the app icon. This job is already done for you and wrapped together in a press kit (zip-file). The content of this is free to use.

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Reviews and testimonials

  • “In audiobus I send the vocalive effect signal to SILQ and the output to the ipad to my PA system. It sounds awesome! ”

    “This is a FANTASTIC EQ. Easily worth the money.”

    Ratings via the App Store
  • “No fuss, no drama, just easy-to-use EQ processing… experienced iOS musicians will welcome a detailed graphic EQ tool while music tech newbies will appreciate the straightforward user experience"

    John Walden @ www.musicappblog.com
  • SilQ - quite the sexy little iOS EQ app"

    Jason Brown @ www.scarebear.rocks